Seven Practical Steps to Manifesting Abundance from your Books


Are you tired of the grind?

Sick of the agony, constant striving, and disappointment of your author career? Are you ready to transform it into something that matches your dreams?

Do you want to:

  • Attract raving fans
  • Have your books go viral
  • Hit bestseller lists
  • Feel inspired, and love both your books and your process
  • Create wealth beyond what you’ve imagined from your books?

Write to Riches will teach you the power of abundance mindset, manifesting your desires, and attracting wealth.



You will learn the 7 practical steps to harnessing the power of abundance mindset to manifest exponential success, wealth, fandemonium, joy, and ease in your author career.

Self-made millionaire and USA Today best selling romance author Renee Rose walks you through the generative process to create miraculous results with ease and flow.

Intimately acquainted with all the problems, pitfalls, and desperation that go with writing and publishing, Renee candidly shares her secrets of how she overcame:

• Comparisonitis
• Money blocks
• Lack mentality
• Frustration
• Doubts of self-worth
• A career that felt stuck

to reap the seven-figure author lifestyle she’d always dreamed of. Renee teaches you step-by-step, the exact process she used, and how you can do the same.

Write to Riches is a practical handbook for every author–chock full of lessons, tips and tricks to get your mindset aligned with your dreams, and attract the wealth, raving fans, and accolades you want.

11-time USA Today bestselling romance author Renee Rose is passionate about helping other authors find and maintain an abundance mindset to catapult their careers and create their best future. She employs energetic tools and techniques to help her clients clear resistance and money blocks, access their inner guidance, and tap into their love and appreciation for their books so they can achieve their dreams.

“Within six weeks of reading Write to Riches, I quadrupled my income! Buy this book and change your life.” –USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Daily

My entire life changed when I changed my mindset. Now, I don’t just let myself stay open to possibilities, I make it one of my goals to be open to all the possibilities that could come my way.” –USA Today Bestselling Author Golden Angel

“Wow, I made the Amazon Top 10! Yeah, totally knew that would happen. Envisioned and attracted it like an abundance boss.” –Amazon Bestselling Author Theodora Taylor

“With Renee’s help, I recognized and removed blocks I had with success and personal judgment that I didn’t know were holding me back. Once they were gone, I ended up hitting the USA Today Bestseller list.” –USA Today Bestselling Author Molly O’hare

“I just had my best money month for THREE years and it’s thanks in no small part to the abundance mindset practices I learned with Renee.” -USA Today Bestselling Author Felicity Brandon

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