Seven Practical Steps to Manifesting Abundance from your Books


It’s time to relax and receive abundance from your books!

In this tell-all book, you’ll learn how to achieve wealth and success with practical tools, energetic exercises, and real-life stories.

The book includes:

  • The 7 steps to tapping into the flow to achieve everything you desire from your author business.
  • Inspiring case studies and success stories from authors who have manifested full-time income, USA Today list hits, and six and seven figures a year with their books.  
  • How to trust your own gut in an ever-evolving ebook market.
  • Millionaire mindset tips that will keep you inspired.



Whether you’re an aspiring author or a heavy-hitter already making six or seven figures, you’ll find simple, actionable advice to help you achieve rewarding results across your whole life. 

In Write to Riches you will learn how to clear energetic blocks to success, invite in abundance, and become more resilient to market changes, economic downturns and author drama.

I’ve created a million-dollar business from my books (while single-parenting two kids). I won’t be teaching you the path I used to get there–I’ll empower you to know and trust your own path.

Love and abundance,


P.S. Want to interview me about Write to Riches? I’m available for podcast and media interviews. If you have a relevant podcast, please email me at [email protected]